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Preparing the Mental Body

Mental Alchemy

We are going to root of your thought patterns and from the getgo, we're working on re-wiring your brain for conception.

Preparing the Spiritual Body

Spiritual Upliftment

When you follow the pathway carefully laid out by Annette, there is nowhere to go but up. Your spirit will rise above matter.

Preparing the Physical Body

Emotional & Hormonal Balance 

When we flow in harmony with universal rhythms, our own bodies change. Miracles have happened when you apply this wisdom. 

Allow yourself to be guided

You are shaping your cells and your physical body with this wisdom. Trust the process.

You will soon discover just how interconnected our bodies are with our thoughts and emotions, and how you can truly become the co-creator of your experience.

You will begin to see that by flowing in close synchronicity with the rhythms of the universe, your own internal rhythmic clock and tempo will begin to change and you will start to get synchronized on every level. When we get more and more aligned, our body becomes whole.

A special note when you feel particularly down, hopeless or ready to give up:

This is the time when you cannot afford to live without this kind of spiritual support and community to serve as your base and foundation for what is possible, and remind you of who you really are. 

There will be times when you will need to borrow our support until you can see it and believe it for yourself. This is totally OK, and it's part of the process.

Have grace with yourself.

We are here to give and accept grace, freely and fully.

Not just with each other and other people, but with our own selves.

Here are some of the many things you'll have to look forward to:

  • Specific tools and techniques for developing a high vibration attitude and way of life.
  • Private community in which you will be able to learn, connect and contribute to the healing and growth path of others on the same journey.
  • Access to Ancient Fertility Mantras and Mudras.
  • Spiritual secrets based on ancient Egyptian wisdom that came even before many of the yogi tools being taught today in Western society. We are going to the root of the roots.
  • Divine Spiritual Wisdom applied to today's modern lifestyles.
  • Chakra Breathing that cleanses the 7 main energetic centers of the body
  • Annette's proprietary method for cleansing the mind.
  • Purification of mental, emotional and physical body.
  • Library of recorded sessions and classes that you can watch at anytime.
  • Proprietary MagicMamaMantra system for natural conception based on metaphysical teachings and applications.
  • Two live trainings / Q&A Sessions with Annette each and every month.
  • Weekly Mantra Classes with Annette.
  • Consistent support throughout a special journey that's not tied to time
    • Your payment plan is laid out over 9 months, but your individual journey is unique to you and cannot be defined or confined by time.
  • Private Facebook Group for additional support from Annette

"Something was shifting."

"Annette guided me and sang each of the mantras with me in sessions; she showed me how to hold my hands postures, when to breathe, how exactly to chant the mantras. I woke up at the same time every morning to do these meditations. During one of these meditations, my hands were in a cradling position and I remember having tears streaming down my face, because I felt with every fiber of my being that the presence of my baby girl was right there in between my hands. I didn't know her yet but somehow I felt her presence, her weight, and I knew she was on her way to me. I didn't know what was happening but I just kept going along with the process. Something was shifting. I continued with my regular regimen (including acupuncture, massage, etc). Around 7 or 8 months later, my IVF treatment was a success. It finally took. I gave birth to my beautiful baby girl. And what's even more incredible, is that a little more than a year later, I conceived my second child naturally, no IVF, no medications. I now have my beautiful and complete family at the age of 42 and I couldn't be happier. What I know is that Annette is an incredibly compassionate, intuitive and nurturing healer, and she will steer you in the right direction. I am very grateful for her detailed instructions on the meditations and mantras. I felt calmer and closer to my baby as a result of them. They helped with my stress levels, and helped to keep me connected to my daughter throughout my pregnancy. They came in handy during the second pregnancy as well. These meditations made me feel empowered and confident. They gave me hope and stability in a time of emotional ups and downs. Thank you, Annette."

- M. A. (Client Testimonial)

"It works!"

"I’m really really grateful. My message to other women is don’t give up. Stay in the process. Stick with it. Do your mantras, do your breathing techniques, connect and immerse yourself. Put it into your life. Bring it into yourself. And it works. We were trying for a little over a year and this was where I was met with what I needed. Right here. With you. And everyone else that was there..."

- K. L. (Client Testimonial)

"My anxiety is gone."

"Since I've been doing my meditations, nothing phases me anymore. I don't feel out of control when my doctor tells me something negative. My perspective has totally shifted. The way I handle problems is much different now compared to before I started this practice. I feel more in control, and like I no longer have the anxiety I used to have. I wonder where I would be if I didn't have my daily practice and these teachings to help me deal with life the way I now know how to do." 

- S.P. (Client Testimonial)

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Heartfelt Fertility Pod


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  • Two Live Trainings Per Month
  • Monthly Q&A with Annette 
  • Weekly Fertility Mantra Classes
  • MagicMamaMantra proprietary method for natural conception
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It's everything you need to embark upon your journey.

This program is for any woman at any age who wishes to consciously bring in the soul of her child. It's a wonderful way to prepare your physical body as the sacred vessel that will carry forth your precious new life. 

This program is perfect for you if you wish to thoughtfully craft your conception journey, your way, with the highest consciousness possible, including special techniques to elevate your experience from a soul level.  

This program is also perfect for the woman who has already tried everything, and is at her wits ends. The calmness, serenity and feeling that things are just right is a non-tangible state of mind that cannot be quantified in material ways, and it is easily the most important part of the entire process.


"I’m grateful to have found Annette. It was setup by the Divine."


"I finally got my period!"


"The program is amazing. Beautifully created."

Let's Do It

I am looking for a conscious way to prepare for pregnancy in a way that will align my spiritual, physical, mental and emotional bodies. I understand how interconnected the whole body is, and I know this is the crucial next step in my own journey and in the process of my own spiritual growth and development as a woman and as a mother who is ready to bring forth new life.

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